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Pretty cool, right?

Wanna know what else is cool?

These digital rental properties can make you a metric f***ton of money.

And they already have for Hayden, who’s made almost $100k in 7 part, he’s only 22!

And Derek who already landed a “$10,000 a month client just using the principles and practices Josh teaches”!

Or what about Josh, who says “it’s an easy way to make’s just a no-brainer!”

Pretty cool, huh?

And even cooler: it’s the same business model as Airbnb, Uber, and Amazon.

Airbnb is worth $35 billion.

Uber is worth $44 billion.

Amazon is worth $889 billion.

Now, I’m not saying you’re gonna make billions with these “Digital Rental Properties”…

What I am saying is that by taking the same strategies that the biggest companies in the world use…

And using them in your little internet biz…

You can make a metric f***ton of money.

Enough to do whatever you want:

Fly first class? Duh, that’s the only way to do it.

Get your dream house? No sh*t, Sherlock.

Buy a boat? Sure, why not.

Hell, get a Lambo while you’re at it.

Or don’t. The choice is yours.

That’s the beauty of this whole’re gonna have choices you’ve never had before.

You can do whatever you want with them.

Lemme explain:

Airbnb isn’t an apartment rental company.

Uber’s not a “ridesharing service”.

And Amazon’s definitely not an online store.

Not even close.

All three of these companies have one thing in common…

One thing that makes them household names…

One thing that makes them billions of dollars every year…

One thing that virtually guarantees success at any size...

It’s called the Marketplace Method.

 And it’s one of the best ways to make bank on the internet.


‘Cuz instead of getting all your money from one source, you’re letting it flow in from multiple directions.

And you do it by bringing together multiple types of customers…

And makin’ money off all of ‘em.

Look at Airbnb:

They’ve got hosts (people who own the property)...

And guests (folks who rent the property)...

And they take a cut from both sides.

What about Uber?

They’ve got drivers…

And passengers…

And by bringin’ ‘em together…

They make money from both sides.

They did the same thing with UberEats:

You pay a fee when you order. The restaurant pays a fee when they get the order.

And Uber gets to profit from two different sets of customers.

Amazon probably does this the best out of anybody.

Half their sales come from what’s called “third-party sellers”. Basically, that’s a fancy way of saying tons of people use Amazon to sell their own products.

And you can bet Amazon takes a piece of everything these guys sell on their platform...sometimes as much as 30%.

They’ve got the customers AND the goods...and they make bank on both sides.

But Amazon took it a step further:

See, Amazon also has their own ad platform. Not only do they take a big cut of everything you sell, they make you pay just for the chance to sell it.

They literally have people bidding for the chance to sell their products on Amazon...and when they do, they pay Amazon again!

Which makes ‘em a metric f***ton of money!

And you can do the exact same thing with your biz

By setting up your biz as a marketplace - instead of a single income stream - you’re letting money flow in from way more directions.

In just a sec, I’m gonna show you how to set up your biz as a marketplace instead of just a 1-on-1 service.

And once you see it, you’re gonna realize why:

Airbnb makes way more money than a hotel…

Uber makes way more than a cab company…

And Amazon is bigger than any online store.

That’s how you go from making a little bit of cash with an online side hustle…

To making a metric f***ton of money with digital rental properties.

Just picture it:

You get your first digital rental property set up in a couple hours for, let’s say, a fencing company in San Diego.

That same day, you’ve got people in San Diego who are LOOKING for fence repair.

And they’re happily signing up with their name and number...expecting a call.

But you don’t live in San Diego. And you don’t know the first thing about fixing a fence.

So whaddya do?

You call Frank the Fence Fixer in San Diego and say:

“Hey Frank! I got like 10 people who want their fences fixed. And they wanna talk to you today!”

Then he says:

“Yeah, sure. What’s the catch?”

You say:

“Look, these ones are on me. Talk to ‘em. If they seem legit, you just made some free money. If they don’t, no hard feelings.”

Then he says:

“Alright, send ‘em over.”

So you send ‘em, then go take a nap.

3 hours later (it was a long nap, I’m not judging), you’ve got 5 texts and 3 missed calls from Frank.

So you call him back, and he says:

“I don’t get it! I got people calling me up all the time sending me leads. And they’re crap. But these ones are awesome! They all answered the phone, 4 of ‘em booked appointments, and 2 already paid a deposit.”

Then you say:

“That’s awesome, Frank! You want some more?”

And he goes:

“Yeah! How much?”

You tell him it’s gonna be a flat $1,000 per month, and he says:

“Send me the invoice.”

And then he actually pays it!

Now, you can repeat this simple system all over the country.

Hell, you can do it in Canada too!

Or France.

Or Australia.

And as long as you follow my system, you’ll have no problem crushing it with these digital rental properties.


Cuz you’re setting up a marketplace, where you’re bringing buyers and sellers together.

And when you’ve got both sides of the equation, you’re pretty much unstoppable.

Lemme give you an example:

Let’s say 6 months down the road Frank decides he doesn’t need you anymore so he stops paying.

So you go to his biggest competitor Fred the Fence Fixer.

And you say to Fred:

“Hey Fred! You wanna know why Frank’s been beating you the last 6 months?”

Fred says:

“Hell yeah! I’m a way better fence fixer than Frank. How’s he doin’ it?”

Then you reveal the secret:

“It’s all me, Fred. But here’s the thing. Frank doesn’t wanna pay me anymore. So I’m happy to send all these folks to you instead...for $1500 a month.”

Fred says:

“$1500? I dunno...that seems like a lot.”

Then you say:

“Well, Frank did $30k last month thanks to me.”

Before you can say another word, Fred says:

“Send me the invoice.”

And then he actually pays it!

Now you’ve made yourself even more money...PLUS you’ve made yourself bulletproof.

And what do you think is gonna happen in another 6 months? Frank’s gonna come crawling back...but this time, if he wants in with you, he’s gonna have to pay $2k a month.

You can just repeat this system over and over and over.

And make a metric f***ton of money doing it..

Let’s do some quick math here:

In your first month, let’s say you can land one “digital tenant” a week. So by the end of Month 1, you’ve got 4 tenants.

And let’s say each of ‘em pays like a grand a month.

So, after a single month, you’re already making $4k a month.

Four grand. Every 30 days.

Like clockwork.

But then in Month 2, I’m gonna assume your sales skills improve. You’ve got me helping you out.
You’ve got the rest of the team helping you out.

And you’ve got tons of practice now.

So in Month 2, let’s say you’re signing up 3 new digital tenants a week.

So by the end of Month 2, you’ve got 12 new the 4 from Month 1.

Each of ‘em paying you $1k every 30 days.

So after 2 months of using this simple system, you’re up $16,000 every single month.

Now let’s just stop there.

Say you can’t do anymore than that.

Or maybe you don’t wanna expand. You just wanna stay right there.

You don’t wanna work super hard ‘cuz you’d rather hang out on a beach and drink Pina Coladas out of a coconut with one of those little pink umbrellas in it.

Well, $16k a month times 12 months is…

$192,000 a year!

Not bad for 2 months, huh?

$192k is a lot of money and free time to:
  • Travel the world (I know tons of people who live large and travel while only working a few hours or days a week)
  • Eat at the best restaurants (you can’t put a price on good food)
  • Go skydiving (Hell, why not?)
  • ​Drink all the Pina Coladas you want
Or whatever else you wanna do. It’s up to you.

Your money. Your time. Your choice.

Sure, it ain’t that $889 billion Amazon money.

But it’s also way less work:

No managing employees…

No worrying about logistics…

No inventory…

No warehouses…

No 50,000 customer complaints every single day…

You work on your terms, because you own the asset. These people aren’t your clients. They’re your tenants.

They’re not in are.

Tenants can be replaced.

And your income only stops growing when YOU say so.

Plus, you don’t have to deal with any of that MLM bullsh*t:
  • Downlines
  • Uplines
  • Inventory
  • ​Events
  • ​Bothering friends, family, coworkers, complete strangers
Or any of the crap that comes with “real” real estate:
  • Finding buyers
  • Finding sellers
  • Finding properties
  • ​Negotiating price
  • ​Negotiating your commission
  • ​Negotiating mortgages
Or any of these other marketing courses where they just give you a bunch of fluff. Then if you need any real help, you gotta pay even more.

F*** that. This is the whole package.

I’m in the trenches with you every single day...doing the same stuff for my own biz.

I’m building and managing my own digital rental properties.

I’m learning new stuff every day and sharing it with you.

I’m answering your questions and hopping on calls with you if you get stuck.

And I’m not charging you for all that extra personal mentoring.

Once you join the BadAss Marketers family (the “BAM Fam”), that’s it. You’re in, and you’re family.

And that’s how you’re treated by me, my team, and everyone else inside.

And guess what you DON’T have to do?
  • Bug your friends and family to buy shit
  • Join an MLM
  • ​Sell crappy products you don’t believe in just to stay afloat
  • ​Use sleazy sales tactics
  • ​Spend thousands of dollars on ads hoping something works
  • ​Lie about your results or buy fake reviews just to get clients
  • ​Keep a bunch of inventory in your garage or a warehouse
Know what else you DON’T have to do?

You DON’T have to give up control!

Because you own each and every digital rental property - NOT the bank, NOT an investor - you control everything:

Your prices, your “digital tenants”, your income...everything!

2 hours to build one, and they last forever.

So if you’re ready to make a metric f***ton of money with digital rental properties, hit the button below and let’s go!

Phew...that was a lot to cover. Now, after reading all that, you’ve probably got some questions.

I don’t wanna make you scroll up and down the page, so I’m gonna answer ‘em here, and make your life easier (if you haven’t figured it out yet, once you’re part of my circle, I do everything I can to make your life easier):
  • Wait.... Who Are You Again?
My name’s Josh Osborne. Over the last 5 years, I’ve grown my digital real estate empire to over $42,000 a month. That’s $504k a year. And it’s one of just 12 businesses my wife and I own.

I made it happen ‘cuz I didn’t just focus on the “burn-n-churn” most agency courses teach.

I don’t care about taking people’s money unless I can help them make a f***ton more. And since I get kickass results for my clients, they keep paying me month after month.

When someone pays me $1k a month and does $20k in sales that month, don’t ya think he’s gonna double down next month?

And if I’m still killing it for him 3 months later, how hard do you think it’s gonna be to convince him to refer me more business?

I don’t have to chase new clients every month and hope they renew. I know they’re gonna stick around ‘cuz I know how to get results.

I teach you how to get (and keep) clients the same way...make it a no-brainer argument for ‘em to keep paying you.

And the best part? No f***ing Facebook ads.

You’re not gonna need to tear your hair out tryna make Facebook ads work. What I teach is simpler and WAY more effective...the leads you send out are people who’re looking for a service: lawn care, fence, a bouncy castle rental, whatever.

And since these people are looking, they’re WAY more likely to put down cash that day. That makes your client happy.

Especially ‘cuz most of the time the leads they get are sh*t.

So you look like a hero by comparison.

I figured out this system when I used to own a moving company. I was the top moving company in the State ‘cuz I built one of these digital rental properties for myself that brought me more customers than I could handle.

So I started selling the extras to my competitors. Then I realized I could make way more cash just doing that. Plus, no more 18-hour days lifting boxes.

I built a bunch of digital rental properties for moving companies in a bunch of different states. I was beating my old income in just a couple months and working WAY less...and I just kept growing.

Five years later, I’ve got my digital real estate empire makin’ me $42k a month. But you’re not gonna have to wait that long.

2. Soooo, I don't have to drop $50-100K to get a single property?
Hell no! That’s the worst thing about “real” real estate: you gotta put all your eggs in one basket, and then you gotta wait for the market to move.

Plus, if sh*t goes sideways, you’re screwed...all your money’s tied up in whatever property you bought.
Sure, you can rent out your property, but good tenants are hard to find, and bad tenants are hard to evict.

Who wants that headache?

With these digital rental properties, you can set one up in an afternoon for less than ten bucks.

You can land a “tenant” in a week...turning a couple hours and a ten dollar investment into a $1k a month income stream.

And if they become a pain in your a$$, kick ‘em out and find someone else...remember, you’re in control (but let’s be honest...if they’re paying you $1k a month and making $20k back, they’re more likely to kiss your a$$ than be a pain in it).

It could take you 3-5 years, to make $100k back on a property. With this system, it’s not only possible to create $100k a year in income in your first year, I can pretty much guarantee it as long as you follow the steps.

3. Why don't local business owners just do this themselves?
You ever run a local, service-type business? If you have, then close your eyes, think back, and answer your own damn question.

If you haven’t, keep reading:

Running a local business is, real hard. You gotta worry about employees, customers, payroll, bills, equipment, marketing, sales, taxes, accounting...and that’s just the first hour of the day.

Most local biz owners are stretched thin. They got a lot to do, and don’t wanna do anymore. And even if they wanted to learn a new skill, where would they find the time?

Think about it: biz owners have their own special skills. They’d rather specialize in what they know and hire an expert.

The math’s better anyway...if a biz owner could pay someone like you $1k a month and get $20k back, or spend an extra hour a day doing it themselves, they’re obviously gonna pay you.

That’s a 1,900% return on investment...the stock market doesn’t pay out like that.

Plus, that’s 30 extra hours a month they just saved thanks to you.

AND they made 19 grand...what a deal!

See what I mean when I say it’s a no-brainer argument?

4. How much could I make with a single digital rental property?
The best thing about these digital rental properties is that the cost of setting one up is so low but, like “real” real estate, they get more valuable the longer you have ‘em.

That’s ‘cuz, with my system, every month they get more leads than the month before, meaning you can charge your “tenants” more to “rent” ‘em.

Think of it like this:

In month 1, Frank the Fence Fixer pays you $1k, gets 100 leads, and makes $20k back.
In month 2, he pays you $1k, gets 120 leads, and makes $24k back.
In month 3, he pays $1k, gets 150 leads, and makes $30k back.

Then in month 4 you tell Frank you’re raising your price to $1500 a month.

Frank can do the math too...he sees his numbers goin’ up. He’s not gonna put up a fight over an extra 500 bucks a month when he knows it’ll probably make him an extra 5 grand a month.

How’s that feel? A $500/month raise every 3 months...PER digital rental property.

So if you’ve got 10 of these things, that’s an extra $5k every single month!

OR an extra $60k a year!

That’s a lot of vacations...or steak dinners...or orgies...I don’t know what you’re into.

But that’s only part 1.

Cuz like “real” real estate, you can also sell digital real estate for a fat paycheck!

And ‘cuz it’s a business, you don’t need to worry about all this “market value” bullsh*t.

Businesses get bought based on the numbers.

Here’s an example: Back in 2014 Google bought Nest Labs...those guys that make the fancy thermostats and doorbells with the tiny security cameras in ’em.

In 2013, Nest did like $300 million in sales. But Google bought ‘em for $3.2 BILLION! With a “B”!

Think about that: Nest got bought for 10x their annual sales.

Now, let’s say one of your digital rental properties does $1k a month, or $12k a year. You won’t have any problems selling a single property for $120,000 after holding onto it for a year.

But remember: every 3 months that price could go by the end of year 1, your digital rental property could be pulling in $3k a month, or $36k a year...meaning you could totally sell it for $360k...CASH!

5. What do I actually get?
Simple answer: read the answer to question 4. Done? Good...I show you how to do THAT.

Not once. Not twice. But as many times as you want until you’re living life on your terms and making the money you deserve...working as much as you want, earning as much as you want, doing whatever you want.

You get an entire community of other people all workin’ towards the same goal. That means you’re constantly gonna stay motivated, because everyone in the group supports each other.

Nobody’s letting you off the hook until you succeed...least of all me. Once you’re part of the BAM fam, I do everything in my power (and more) to make sure you come out the other side crushin’ it!

My biggest failure is letting any of my students fail...and there’s no way I’m ever gonna tell my wife I’m a failure.

6. What's it cost? But seriously, it ain’t cheap. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna charge you an arm and a leg.

I don’t want you to take out a loan, cash out your savings, sell your car, or anything like that.

I don’t want you to feel desperate, but I do want you to feel invested. So let’s say you apply and get accepted into the BAM fam.

You’re gonna put down enough to show me - and more importantly - yourself that you’re committed to makin’ this work.

But you’re not gonna break the bank to do it.

Sound fair? Cool, apply by smacking that button below:

7. Will it work/What if I can't make it work?
Look, like I said, if you don’t succeed, then I fail. I don’t like to fail. So I’m gonna make sure you succeed.

But you still gotta show up.

I’ll be there every day, showing you what I’m doing, what I’m learning.

Answering your questions if you get stuck...Hell, I’ll even jump on a call with you if you’re really struggling. At no extra charge.

I’m not tryna nickel-and-dime you into the poor house like some of those other guys. Once you’re in the BAM fam, you’re family.

That means I don’t charge you for my help. You get me, and my years of experience makin’ this happen for me and hundreds of other students.

So take advantage. As long as you show up and follow my system, I can’t see why it won’t work for you.

8. I have no tech skills?
You don’t really need ‘em...can you point and click?

Then you’re pretty much good!

Look, most people make this stuff way harder than it has to be. They make it sound super complicated to keep people like you from jumping in.

It’s really not complicated at all.

Or at least it’s not with my system. With my system it’s plug-and-play...just follow the steps and you’re good to go.

9. I don't have a lot of time
Yeah, most people don’t. Ya got kids, two jobs, sick parents, ten cats…

But here’s the deal: if you want more time, you gotta do something.

That means spending even an hour a day to make things better. And keep in mind, this isn’t an hour a day of sacrificing for some dream “on the horizon”.

My system can have you makin’ money in a week.

Think about it: are you willing to bet on yourself for a single week to see if you can get that first $1k a month?

How much time will that free up for ya?

Probably enough to spend another week to set up another digital rental property…and another $1k a month.

Trust me, once you see how simple this is, you’ll be hooked.

10. I hate selling
Yeah, everybody hates selling.

That’s why I just spent most of this page showin’ you how to make a no-brainer you don’t really have to sell at all.

Show local biz owners why they’ve got almost no risk and unlimited reward, and your digital rental properties will sell themselves.


If you’re still reading this, then I’m betting the answer’s yes. So here’s what you’re gonna do now.

You’re gonna click the button below.

You’re gonna fill out the quick application and book a call with me and my team.

We’re gonna have a conversation, see if you’re a good fit for us, and if we’re a good fit for you.

We’re gonna make sure you’re committed to succeeding.

And if it all looks good, you’ll get instant access to the BAM fam...and you’ll already be halfway to having a digital real estate empire!

So just hit hit the button below, and let’s make it happen!

-Joshua T. Osborne

Wanna see what some of my students have to say?

Ben: "I can't say enough good things about Josh"

Chris: "Josh is the one going ahead and answering all my questions"

Marilyn: "Josh doesn't throw people in the river and expect them to swim. He dives in with 'em "

Paul: "This is the best thing I've ever little work as you can possibly imagine"

Stephanie: "The training is amazing, but what's even better is having access to Josh...there's no way you can't make money!"

Tam: "$2,500 upfront, plus $2,000 a month retainer!!"

Elaine: "I didn't walk away with warm fuzzes the first call!!"

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How To Bring In A Flood Of New Clients Even If Your Brand New To Online Marketing!
I Don't Just Teach This Stuff... Im Doing It Every Single Day! 
P.S. If you apply in the next 24 hours, you get an automatic $2,000 discount if you're accepted.

I can't make a better offer than that.

Common Questions: 
I Don't Have Any Online Marketing Experience. Will This Work For Me?
Absolutely! I've designed this program to go from start to finish. So if you're a complete newbie or have a few years under your belt, this is for you!
As long as you put in the work, I truly believe anyone can succeed with this.
How Is This Program Different From All The Others I See Online?
Most people only teach you one thing...that's a problem if you need more than one thing to make your business work.
And agencies need a few moving pieces for everything to work well. I show you how to put ALL the pieces together so things run smoothly...and your profits go up month after month!
If I Book A Call Are You Gonna Try And Sell Me Something?
Nope. Think of this call as an application. If you're a good fit, then you have the opportunity to join my inner circle.
If you're not, then we'll go our separate ways happy. I never want to force anyone to make the wrong decision.
Yes, joining this program is an investment, but I'll only give you the chance to invest if we're a good fit and I know I can help you.
Can I try it and get refunded if I don't think it will work?
NOPE! What we give are ASSETS and once you get access to them, we can't take them back. Sorry, but think of it like a cake, once you eat, there isn't any way you can return it. 
DISCLAIMER: It's a rather simple disclaimer. All the success stories, my success and any success you see on my pages are the TRUTH. Nothing is being hidden nor blown out of proportion. However, this DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL MAKE ANYTHING using this system. The reason is we are extraordinary people, meaning we work very hard to obtain this success, so since I don't know you or your work ethic, it is impossible for any guarantee. There may even be a possibility you will lose money. It is like the gym, if you don't show up, you lose your gym membership money. The same goes here.